How to Make Money Online

At The Very Beginning

Who doesn’t want to earn money? We all want. Now a days Making money online is one of the most popular topics. Because in this regard you are your boss and you work here for your own. You need not to follow any hard and fast timetable here. You may choose your work which type you like to do. Moreover you need not go to any office but you can earn money online even working in your home if you have a Computer or laptop and internet connectivity there.
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Make Money Online

Is It Easy?

Making money online is not so easy. At first you need to determine for this. Then you have to start preparation regarding your knowledge and skill and you need to be hard working and have patience.  If you fix up your goal and make a proper strategy to achieve that target and you work hard with patience, it is a must that you will win the battle and you will be able to earn a handsome amount of money online.

Ways to Make Money Online

How to make money online? If you start googling, you will find lots of sites and blogs regarding this matter. Lots of information is available in those websites and blogs. Many websites and blogs say the way to become millionaires overnight. Some of them will tell you that you are only a click behind from lots of money or some of them may try to sell software of making money and so on. I am not saying that all the information you get by googling is false, but I warn you that most of them are bogus. So you should learn about the ways to earn money from internet. Then you will be able to decide what way you will choose.

You may earn money online in many different ways. To assist you to decide your right way, those are discussed here in brief.

Earn Money by Blogging

Earning money by blogging is one of the most popular and effective ways. And blogging is being more popular day by day. Blogs and websites are usually used to earn money online monetizing its contents. Blogs and websites also may be used for affiliate marketing or to sell your product or for writing paid reviews. Blogs or websites having good organic visitors may earn money by showing direct advertisements. But in this case, you have to work hard to write unique and useful contents or articles, and then optimize your blog or website for search engine. Thus you may get good organic visitors and it may take some time.

You may make a blog by purchasing a Domain and Hosting and then designing it and writing articles. You may also create a blog from Blogger or Word press and it is free of cost.

Earn Money through YouTube

You may earn money by uploading your videos on YouTube and monetizing them with Goggle AdSense. It is very easy and this way is one of the best ways of making money online. But be careful that you must upload only original videos and should not infringe anyone’s copyright. After creating a video channel in YouTube and uploading video there, you can apply for Goggle AdSense from YouTube. 

Make money by Affiliate Marketing

Many companies and websites sell products and services through internet. Most of them have referral or affiliation program. That means by being registered in certain companies or websites as an affiliate, you may refer a product or service to others and if anybody of them purchase products or services referred by you, you will get a commission. 

Make Money Online by Freelancing

You may earn money by freelancing. many employers want to get some work done by skilled persons other than the permanent employee of the concerned organizations. In this case, they post their jobs on many renown online freelancing market places such as,, etc. You, as a freelancer having expertise or knowledge in any sector, may register on those online market places. After registering, you may bid for work according to your skill. You have to learn to be skilled and have to have patience to get success in freelancing. According to my opinion, freelancing is one of the most effective way to make money online. 


Earn Money through PTC 

You will find many PTC sites while goggling online. PTC means Paid to Click. In this case you are paid for clicking. PTC sites offer you to visit numbers of advertisement by clicking on their websites. But the payment is too small and my view is that it is nothing but wasting time. You should also know that most of the PTC site available online will not pay you anything at last as those are scam. So I suggest you not to follow this way.  

Earn Money through Paid Online Survey

You make take part in survey by sharing your views and you will be paid for that. Lots of Surveys sites are available online. These sites also pay very little and there are many scam sites also. My opinion is that you should avoid this way.

Sell Your Products

You may sell your own product through your blog or website. You may also sell them through third party e-commerce sites which allow you to post free advertisements. You may sell your unused items also though those sites.

Earning online by sharing files

If you have some files such as videos, music, images, documents, software etc. and you wish you share them with others, and then you may earn some money by sharing them online. In this case you have to upload your files in various file sharing websites and then to share the download link in your blog or website or social sites. Lots of file sharing websites you will find available online while goggling. When somebody downloads any file from those file sharing websites, you will get paid.

Earning Money by Writing Articles

Lots of websites are available online who pay for writing quality articles. If you think that you have good writing skill, you may try to write some quality articles. And then you may sell them to those websites and get paid. Freelance jobs of articles writing are also available in freelancing websites.

Final Words

Earning money online is not so easy. But it is not so hard also. Nobody can make you a millionaire overnight. The only things to keep in mind to succeed in this sector are that you should be devoted, hardworking and must have patience.

Another essential thing to get success is to keep reading and keep learning. And then your success is a must.

Professional Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way to reach your buyer or client with the information of your product or service. Now a days there is no other reliable alternatives than email marketing to achieve the more effective result in fewer time.
Wikipedia says, “Electronic marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Email marketing can be done to either sold lists or current customer database. Broadly, the term is usually used to refer to sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, sending email messages with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately, and adding advertisements to email messages sent by other companies to their customers”.
It is a marketing process and it is a creative work also. You have to determine how you will present your product or service to your buyers. The more creatively and attractively you can present your product, the higher your sale will be.

In email marketing, the marketing of your product or service is done by sending emails to the prospective and targeted buyers or clients. In present time, email marketing is a hot cake and an expert in this sector may earn a handsome amount of money by freelancing or by marketing of his own product or by affiliate marketing.
We are here to provide you guideline and learning resources of Professional Email Marketing. We hope that you will be able to be an expert in Professional Email Marketing if you follow the tutorials we provide here and do sufficient practice. And after completion of this free tutorial, you'll say confidently that making money online is not a myth but it is very much possible thing for everybody who actually wants it. A vital point is to be noted that there is no magic to make you a millionaire over night. You have to and have to make a goal and to work hard to achieve the goal.
So, let us start our journey to learn Professional Email Marketing and thus to make money online.

Build Your Career with Search Engine Optimization-SEO

In a word, Search Engine Optimization-SEO is a marketing process which helps a website to be more popular than other websites and to help the search engines to evaluate a website or a blog to ascertain a position in the search list. To secure the top positions in the search Engines, a website or a blog has to be properly optimized.

Build Your Career with Search Engine Optimization-SEO

Lots of websites and blogs are being added online every day and the competition among them are increased gradually. And correspondingly the demand of experts in Search Engine Optimization-SEO is getting higher. So the scope to work in this field is wide. If you are planning to become a freelancer or you are willing to make money online, your first choice may be SEO. There is no doubt that you must to gather skills regarding SEO and you must be hardworking to get success. But among all the categories of available jobs in online market places, you can get success in this sector easily as a large volume of job of this category is available online and you need comparatively less technical basic knowledge to learn Search Engine Optimization. So, the most popular topic to earn money online is SEO at the present time and the scope is increasing.

Why to learn Search Engine Optimization-SEO

SEO is the most popular and demandable sector to build up your career. It is a glamorous profession also. So learn Search Engine Optimization-

  • If you want make more money in comparatively short time.
  • If you want to be an expert freelancer.
  • If you have one or more blog or website of your own and you want to see your blog or website at the top positions in the search result and to get more organic traffic.
  • If you want to make money online by Google AdSense.

Who is Eligible to learn SEO- Search Engine Optimization?

Anyone can learn Search Engine Optimization and can take it as his career who-

  • is ambitious to earn money online.
  • is willing to learn.
  • is hard working.
  • have patience.
  • have moderate technical knowledge about how to operate computer and to surf internet.

From Where You Can Learn

Don’t worry about your teachers and resource materials. You may get these even free of cost. How? Read the following points.

  • If you have moderate technical knowledge about how to operate computer and to surf internet, the whole online world is your teacher and resource. There you will find lots of websites and blogs, tutorials, pdf documents, video tutorials, forums etc.
  • You can follow this site as we are here to support you with tutorials as well as any other queries and helps relating to Search Engine Optimization-SEO.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO : At a Glance

At the very Beginning

That day is not so far when a person will leave behind a website or a blog with other properties for his/her heirs. The more we are being advanced in civilization, the more we are being dependent on Technology. Now a days, our necessary all things for everyday life are available online and websites & blogs bring this comfortable opportunity to us. And a website or a blog becomes precious or valuable and most effective when the particular website is found at the top or at the top page of search result in search engine. To get a better position in search result, the most effective way is Search Engine Optimization - SEO.


What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is a web tool which search information for us on demand. Most of don’t know where to get the appropriate information of service or any other necessary things. Then one can input the key word of which he is searching for in that web tool and find a list of relevant websites there. Most popular Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing etc.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a process by which one can reach with his website or blog to all using search engine free of cost. It plays a vital role to increase the volume of organic visitors to an informative and accomplished website or blog. Search Engine Optimization – SEO helps a website or blog-

  • To reach to visitors easily.
  • To be popular.
  • To increase organic visitor.
  • To make a strong platform to Sustain position in search results of search engines.
  • To create a dependable platform to make money online.

Why SEO is necessary?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the best marketing process of a website or a blog. It makes the search engines understand the value of your website and thus helps to make a better position in search result. When a person wants to get any information or service or anything else, he searches it using search engine inputting relevant keyword. If your website or blog is properly optimized for search engine and can secure a position in top page, then the opportunity to get more visitors is increased. Thus it will help you to make your website or blog more popular and you will get an excellent platform for making money online in various ways.

Why to Learn Search Engine Optimization – SEO

If you are an administrator or owner of a blog or website, to know Search Engine Optimization - SEO is essential for you to serve your purposes, otherwise you have to engage an expert for it. On the contrary, the more blogs and websites are increasing every day, the more it is increasing the demands of SEO experts. Various companies, organizations, even individuals also are engaging full time SEO experts. Moreover, there are lots of freelance jobs relating Search Engine Optimization - SEO in different renowned online marketplaces. So by knowing SEO, you can work for your own as well as you can build up your career in this sector.


We are here to help you to know about Search Engine Optimization - SEO. Keep in touch and keep learning to be an SEO Expert. Best of luck and happy journey!

Visitors Are Important to You While Copywriting for the Web

(Chapter 2)
If you fail to plan, then you are likely to fail in your endeavor of producing great copy.  If you wish to achieve your goals, it is important to gather all the facts.

First, you should anticipate the users’ of your sites questions.  Normally, there are four questions that a user will have that will need to be answered.

1.                 What am I doing here?
2.                How do I do it?
3.                What is in it for me?
4.                Where do I go from here?

So if your site’s design and navigation can not provide an obvious answer to these questions, then you should look at using copy in order to explain them.  It is important that the answers to these questions should be obvious to all your users, and not just those visiting your site for the first time.

What is important to remember is that half the visitors to a site will not try to bother with working things out for themselves, and the other half may not even succeed.

Next, when planning, focus on your core audience.  Remember, you will not be able to reach everyone, so make sure that the copy you produce addresses your site’s most important visitors directly.  So, spend time explaining what the site can do for them in particular.  If you want to make it more effective, then do not use words which would only be looked at by people you do not need.

However, if you are targeting more than one type of visitor to your site, then make sure that you can direct them to different pages.  What you should remember is that a visitor will go somewhere else if they do not feel your site has something of value to offer to them in particular. 

So when providing them with facts, let the facts speak for them selves.  It is important that you make your descriptions compelling, although not excessive. Many visitors to sites will skip a site if they feel it is too full of hype (just bear in mind that some hype will almost certainly be necessary in order to excite your visitor).

Why Copywriting for the web is different

(Chapter 1)
One of the foremost necessary reasons on why copywriting for the web is different is that the mental attitude of these who are aiming to read is different.

More usually than not, most web content are going to be found via a search engine. this is often terribly vital, because it implies that the person reading your web site has been wanting either for you or somebody such as you. so puts them up to the mark. this is often as a result of they're going to be targeted on finding a selected product, service or piece of knowledge.

So anyone visiting your web site for the first time and has found it via a search engine can have a number of queries in mind.  “Have I come to the proper place?” additionally “Will I notice what I’m searching for at this page or site?”  Finally, they'd be asking themselves “Do I feel ready that I will complete the task at this point?”

So what's important is that you simply answer these queries in each your headline, and any sub-headlines you'll have.  It must be able to secure a response from this initial time visitor at once.

In order for this to happen, your writing must offer answers so the visitor is aware of specifically what they're searching for. 

What is necessary once writing any copy for the online is that you simply reassure any guests that they're within the right place, which they ought to still read on.

An Introduction about copywriting for the web

Although many folks seem to assume that writing effective copy for the web is simple, it isn’t. so if you would like to make sure that your readers and your customers perceive however your web site works and what it will do for them, you have to provide smart copywriting for it. 

Here, we are going to explore the fundamentals of manufacturing smart copywriting for the web. however before we tend to begin there are variety of things that you just ought to bear in mind.

First, folks don't browse a website within the same manner that they might read written material.  In fact, there are 3 characteristics that have an effect on however an online user can react to the net content of a web site.

It is vital to remember that internet users are active, not passive. thus if they'll not notice a reason for staying on a web site, then they'll leave it. typically an individual can leave fifteen seconds once they need truly gotten there. thus if your text is simply too long, then they're less doubtless to read it. thus if you would like an online user to believe what you have got to mention, you want to be able to make a copy the promotion. 

In order for any internet copy to be effective, it should take under consideration the characteristics mentioned on top of.

What is most significant of all once viewing copywriting for the net, isn't to underestimate the importance of the fundamentals.  If you only jump straight into it you will end up in bother, and your web site not being as effective because it ought to be.

So allow us to begin, ok?