How to Make Money Online by Freelancing or Outsourcing


Many organizations, company or persons now want to get some works done by other people who are not the employee of the corresponding organizations, company or persons. As to employ a permanent employee requires many sort of expenses to the respective organization and on the contrary a skilled person outside the organization may do that certain work in a less amount of money, Freelancing is being popular day by day. In this process a freelancer having knowledge in a particular field can make money online even from home maintaining no certain office hours.
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Who is a Freelancer

A person having knowledge in a particular field is hired for a particular work by a Contractor. The person who is hired or available to be hired is called a Freelancer. It is the privilege to the freelancer that he need not to go to office and need not to maintain office time and above all, he can choose his work according to his passion and love and likings and skills.

Who is a Contractor

The organization, company or person hire a person having knowledge in a particular field for a particular work is called a Contractor. 

What Should you Know

You must have expertise or knowledge in any sector to get success in freelancing. But keep in mind that you must be willing to learn regularly and you have to have patience. You may ask me what sector you may choose. Then my answer is "any sector". If you think that you have expertise in web design or programming using any language such as HTML, CSS, PHP etc. or you have knowledge in Photoshop, Macromedia Adobe flash etc. or you are good at search engine optimization or you have some creativity in article writing, you will find lots of jobs regarding your expertise. Even you may have no knowledge about any technical work and you may know only data entry or office management or internet surfing only or anything else. Don't worry; even in that case lots of online jobs are also available for you.

Finding Jobs

There are many market places where those types of works or jobs are available in online. These market places play a role of third party as middleman between the employers and the workers. In this case, workers bid to get job to perform any specific work in a specified time. After completion of that work, no liability remains between the employer and the worker. That means the worker are free and not subordinate to anybody. Thus, not being an employee of any organizations, company or persons, a freelancer does work for them on contract.

Renown Freelancing Market Places

There are lots of freelancing market places online. But all of them are trustworthy. A large number of them are scam. Many reliable freelancing sites are also available. Some of them are
  • etc.


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oDesk is the world's largest online workplace. It is no.1 by annual earnings of freelancers. It's market share is 1.9X compared to the second largest freelancing workplace online. In 2012, around 1.5 million jobs were posted here and more than 4.5 million freelancers are registered in this workplace.


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Freelancer is one of the largest online market places for the freelancers. The authority of freelancer claims that it is the world's largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowd-sourcing marketplace by number of users and projects and it has around 10 million users and more than 5 million projects.


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Elance is another of the largest online market places online. It is the place where the world, a community of over 3 million of the world’s best freelancers, works differently.

After online registration on freelancing sites any worker can bid for a work. Here a bidder should bid only for those jobs which he able to do.

Important Note

Recently it is announced that oDesk and Elance, two of the largest online market places are being merged and these two will work as one organization which will be a larger market. It may be a good news! But from my own view, there will be some demerits also. Such as
  •  To get a job will be too hard for the new comers.
  •  Competition will be higher.
  •  To survive in the competition, payment rate for jobs may be decreased.
So, under above circumstances, my suggestion goes for

Market Places Where Need Not To Bid

Feeling tired of bidding for jobs? There is an ad-interim solution. Yes, there are also some trusted sites where a worker needs not to bid. He can directly perform particular job if available. But these jobs are small and payment is also small. etc. is this type of site. In this type of site, you have to create an account and you may start working which are available on that respective site.


Three important matters you should keep in mind.
  • To get success, a freelancer should be skilled in which sector he wants to get job. Otherwise it could be suicidal for career. So, keep learning.
  • To get the first job by bidding may take time. But after getting the first job, if you can do it satisfactorily, then your success will be matter of time. So, have patience.
  • While doing your job, be careful about quality and time duration.

 The concluding words I'll say to you are 'Enjoy making money online!!!'. 


As much as I like Freelancer, I think that the best freelance job board is XPlace. It has higher hourly rates than the majority of other online marketplaces, doesn't charge a commission from freelancers, and there are a lot of job opportunities (entry-level and more complex ones). An excellent website to make a freelance career!


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